Why Prefer A Pure White Background For Your Studio?

Choosing a background for your studio backdrop is really confusing. They are so many different colours with its different shades. It becomes very difficult for us to choose. A bright, white background creates a different feel altogether. It makes the atmosphere happy and the scene is without any distraction. Using this type of background, you can easily prevent ugly backgrounds and the viewer will pay more attention on the subject. So, pure white backgrounds are the best for your photography.

There are some things that you should remember before clicking the photos. It is not that easy as it appears to be. It is quite difficult to click photos on a white background. There are certain things on which you should have knowledge otherwise it will be a big problem if you are not successful in clicking good pictures at your own studio. You can buy the pure white background online from eBay.

Stylish retro female sitting on a chaise lounge or sofa on white background

Here Are Some Tips That Will Be Helpful If You Set Up Your Own Studio-

White Backgrounds Remove Distractions

Using a pure white background for your studio eliminate any type of distractions. For example- for a portrait if you use a white one, then people will focus more on the subject and white is a colour which looks contrasting nearly to every kind of photo. The brightness of the colour matches with the photo especially if it is a portrait. You can use a good camera with proper lens for the photography. Thus a white background eliminates all kind of distractions.


A white background is not only the only thing that you need for your photography. You need one thing that is very important- Sunlight. A white background without light seems very dull. It does not look white, it appears grey. You need to overexpose your background. You should have more light on the background than on the subject itself. Taking a photograph either using a flash or in sunlight looks good. Sunlight makes your background white.

Using Flash

There is an easy way to create a bright background. Move your model to about six feet away and hide a flash behind the model itself. When you click the photo, the flash makes the background bright. It overexposes the background and makes the background pure white in colour. When you are taking a picture, the flash activates the off camera flash thus making the background look good.

Avoid Overexposing

If you add too much light in your background, the backlighting will surpass your model and will ultimately wash out the picture. Right amount of light exposure is very important.

So these were some of the tips that you should keep in mind if you are building your own studio. You can buy the pure white background online which is available on eBay. In case of any kind of questions about the product you are buying, you can easily take help from eBay customer service number. It will provide you with all the information you want to know. After reading this article you will get a lot of help for building your own studio.

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